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Little Comets

18 – 26 Months

Little Stars Nursery

Little Comets 18- 26 months

Whilst our nursery is spacious, it is set in a house, so the overall feeling is homely. A real benefit of having so much space is the opportunity to split the children into 5 distinct age bands. Little Comets start at approximately 18 months, whereas traditionally babies are mixed with children as old as 2 years.

Having such a small age band means the rooms and care routines can be tailored more accurately to meet the children’s needs. Other benefits are the children settle more quickly and each time they move to the next room their progress is accelerated. Most children at this stage will have a sleep after lunch but we are carefully guided by your wishes to ensure your child’s routine remains.


In the months they spend in Little Comets, children are encouraged to become much more mobile, their speech develops significantly, and they start to play with one another. 

Learning is characterised by fun, active sessions that encourage the children to be adventurous – we use a wide variety of resources to achieve these goals. The Staff to child ratio is one adult to three children for under twos, and one adult to four children for the children who are two. Children are given constant praise, attention, and affection.





Little Comets has its own play area outside and use of the cabin for stories, songs, and roleplay. 

Filled with exciting toys and games to develop children’s confidence, physical ability, resilience, and language, Little Comets will provide fun activities throughout their stay. 

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All children are entitled to 15 hours per week of funded childcare the term after they turn 3 years old. This is called ‘Universal’ funding.

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Term Dates

Little Stars Day Nursery is open Monday to Friday, 51 weeks of the year, closing on Public holidays and for one week between Christmas and New Year.

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Learning Journals

The online software, “Learning Journals” are a great way to track children’s development and progress throughout the nursery.

“Children arrive keen to start their day and eager to learn. They are highly motivated and happy at this welcoming nursery. Children show that they feel safe. They develop exceptionally close bonds with the kind and caring staff.”

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3 – 18 Months

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26 – 36 Months

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36 – 60 Months

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